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My Misconceptions in Mama Era:

  •  Tao is a Cold Guy
  •  Kris is a Cool Guy
  •  Baekhyun is a Guy
  •  Suho is the one that bullies
  •  Luhan is Manly
  •  Chanyeol doesn't talk much
  •  Sehun is a good maknae
  •  Kyungsoo talks so much
  •  Chen does not troll
  •  Xiumin is talkative
  •  Lay is not too cute
  •  Kai is a perv
  •  but that changes when they had a reality show.
"Kyahai~~ kyahaing~ Kyahing~ kyahakyahing~ kyahang? kyahayiiiiiii~? kyahoyoho~~? eheri~? yohot?"

—new alien words from byun baekhyun

[INFO] 140416 EXO’s Baekhyun is revealed to be one of the candidates for SM C&C upcoming musical ‘Singin’ In The Rain’

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baekhyun’s hip thrust in overdose